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Saturday, December 31, 2011

At the Junction-2

I really hate myself to make up and show in front of someone else daily!
System allows that only now without any reluctance, where as earlier it would create nuisance branding bad image to a girl! That’s the way it works. We have to push our faith in one of them and accept the courtship hoping for the best.
The Guy whom I met yesterday was quite impressive, educated, well mannered, sensitive, and handsome. Have to think about him, but when options do come our way hugging then why not make best utilize of it and select the best choice. When I can spend hours together selecting my liking dress in trial room then no wonder if I meet the other MBA guy today as the other option.
Samarth called me earlier at 9:40am and asked me to meet anywhere as per my convenience.
I insisted him to meet at same place in CCD where I met Siddharth yesterday.
I was on time at 5:30 pm, same place but the corner table was occupied by someone else. Shit, that seat is the best place in this CCD as the words will never reach the other table because of its considerable distance. Can’t help my words today! I placed an order before he comes impatiently waiting for his appearance. A short guy walked towards me swiftly and sat in front of me smiling.
“I am sorry, I can blame the traffic for my fifteen minutes delay but that will not work out. My ‘sorry’ is for being the reason to make a ‘beautiful girl wait for me’ here!
Impressive!! His Pleasant tone snatched my attention and my impatience vanished. I could see him only till his waist, white full shirt with branded watch on his wrist, half bald, smiling face, brown eyes behind specs would just add to his looks. Over all Hunky-dory type, not so bad neither very good. His words praising me as ‘beautiful’ had actually blocked my throat with shining eyes. I dint expect him to speak so. Well, I think he knows many formulae to impress girls. All girls will be on moon for a while when they listen that they are beautiful. (Inwardly murmured and chuckled)
“You arrrrrr……?????”(though I had searched his profile picture day before in FB, had to ask his identity as if I dint know who he was)
“Samarth, K Samarth” (We both shook our hands)
“I have seen you before in a function. My parents had seen you there and forwarded my proposal to your home”.
“Oh! Okay, Nice to meet you”. (I smiled)
“Pleasure is mine to meet you”.
He saw the coke ordered from me and continued his words “I think 15 minutes made you little impatient, excuse me for that”
I dint know how to act on that, simply said “It’s okay”
“I know about you, graduated from RVCE right”?
“I completed my MBA in SPJ, working for Reliance. I am a marketing guy, VP of our branch!!”
“Oh!”(My father had told me about him, about his age around 30, high profile and very well settled. Now I got the meaning of the word ‘well settled’)
All his words were real killer, I don’t mind if my husband his little flirt. Some girls do like gentleman-flirt. I said to myself and asked him…
“Where do you stay”?
“Nearby, just ten minutes drive from here. One year ago purchased a duplex flat for me. Parents don’t stay here; they like to live in the village.”
I just smiled dint say anything; he completely took away all the conversation from my side. He explained what he is, what he feels about relationship, dreams, carrier path etc. whenever he paused, I just added to his words letting him know about my expectations. Almost a hour clocked.
He continued his monologue, “I am a marketing guy, my words may appear as little pampering about myself. Can’t help, Sometimes we have to market our self!”
I giggled and changed the topic asking him to tell about his hobbies and friends.
“Hobbies not much, friends too many, I am sure you are not in mood to know about those, but I should tell you about one thing”
“About what”?(questioned him with surprise)
“I don’t like to hide anything, I had a girl friend”
 “What”?!!(I felt like someone slapped me when I was dreaming)
“Yes, just my past. Nothing like in serious relationship”
“oh” (I just gasped with lot of questions in my mind)
Had lot of ambiguity about their relationship and tossed mind with various queries, girl’s shyness stopped me to know more about it!
“We do have a common friend. You know Kiran right?”(he asked)
“Kiran, that fair guy? Yes. We are hi-bye friends, he was my class mate”.
“Yup, that same guy, he is my junior”
“Oh is it?      Okay.”
“I think you will be late, I will be waiting for your reply.”
He was quick enough to wrap our conversation, giving me hint named ‘Kiran’, to know more about him!
With silence, greeted him loosely and stood up.
He relaxed, without getting up from his place softly told, “Don’t go with my past, nothing intense in it.     I have long back shift deleted it from my life” he smiled.
I could not say anything, with little relief smiled towards him and walked away from the site.I immediately dialed Kiran’s number in parking lot and talked to him for ten minutes. He was prepared long back to all my questions I guess. He sensibly answered all my concerns indirectly. Though we dint had frequent communication after college days, but still I was comfortable asking him some of my questions. Nothing much in Samarth’s past was the summary.
With lot of uncertainties, questions and little fear, reached PG after twenty minutes drive from there.
My best friend Rohini was excited to know the updates.
She asked “Yesterday or today”?
I knew what she was asking; I asked softly “What”?
“Don’t act much, tell me what happened” (she shouted)
I said “I am confused”
The most comfort zone for any girl is friends circle. We can act, cry, share fight or do whatever we want. The company will be still more meaningful when best friends, who knows about us very well just stay with us. Rohini was one among those. I explained her about both of them. Each conversation was replayed with mimic. It was common for us in that fashion.I explained her how my mind is tossing up and down with Samarth’s past and Siddhant’s future!!
Making her to understand each sensible points, I asked her “If you were in my place, which one you would go with?  Yesterday or today?” I asked her with curiosity. She started to laugh loudly and said

“Neither of them dear, I would run with your X crush long back”!!!
                                           Last part to be continued…….. J

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