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Friday, December 2, 2011


                                                       At The Junction
 --When relationship tweets, practicality bounced

I am just 24. I really don’t understand that why my mom is too much worried about my marriage. Most of the Indian mother’s do worry especially when their daughters cross 20, no wonder why my mom was also concerned about me.
Still, is it too early or the right time?
Peep Peep…. Oh!
Cacophony from the back awaked me from my thought. I handled my scooty well and retarded its speed.
I am good on riding it, especially better I feel when my silky hairs swing back and idiot boys gaze at me. We do act as if we did not see anything, ignoring their pestered eyes and funky acts.
Fluttering mind ……
Common …..Be careful while riding, at least on traffic entangled roads. (I warned myself)
I should meet a guy in CCD and convey my opinion to parents about him. This proposal was from my mother’s side.
Elders don’t have much work apart from reckoning  within the  group and finding a match. They could have left us as per our wish.
I parked my Scooty in the parking lot it was 5:50 evening. We were supposed to meet on time at 6.
On time!
Well, we never come on time especially when some guy wait for us.
“How will he realize our value unless we mean it”? (I giggled myself and looked around to make sure that none are observing me)
I cannot follow that theory; I believe that those who value time will succeed easily. Let me see how punctual he is. I walked pompously to gain attention of others and sat in the corner table of CCD. Today corner seat was important for our conversation.  
One point which made me bewildered is thinking about my parents, how those orthodox minds compelled me to be seated here alone?!!! Well, time has ability to change every ones point of view. I thought myself while my cell phone rang; this is the same number which was texted earlier from my father.
“May I speak to Shilpa Kashyap”? (His voice was rough-not as sweet as flirty boys)
“Yes”.  “Is it Sidharth”?
“I am on time and waiting in CCD” (my voice rattled)
“I am also on time; let me know where you are”(he tuned his voice with confidence)
“Could you please come towards the corner table, just near the glass window…”
“Yup got it …Coming”
Blue Jeans,( not a branded one I guess),grey shirt ,black shoes , nice belt stiffed his waist. Bit dark in complex and fat, still looked handsome and cool because of his cute smile. J
He walked towards me in hurry and greeted me with firm hand shake. He dint see into my eyes. I observed his shyness.
He said “Nice meeting you”. I smiled gazing into his eyes.
He started staring at me keeping mum. He dint know how to start the conversation..!   
It happens…I understood the situation and bold enough to break the silence.“Yes”

“I came to know from my father that you completed your BE and working for a private company” (I asserted in querying tone)

“Where were you graduated?” Waiter interrupted us and asked what can I serve?
He gestured towards me and asked to place an order. One Coffee coak float for me.
“What will you have”? I asked him.
“I am okay with anything”. Looking to the waiter requested
Same one more please…
“I did my BE in BMS college of engineering (he said proudly with his chest raised),You”?
I smiled again and said RVCE.
“Oh!” (His twinkling eyes paused and raised shoulder s lowered)
Later, I was just monologuing throughout our conversation; he nodded his head for all my words. (What kind of a guy he is? he don’t speak much, agrees to whatever I say)
I was about to conclude that certainly not the one whom I am looking for, and simply asked,
“Tell me something about your friends”.
(This question peddled us together to have an intense conversation I guess and he did not reply in one liner as before)
 “I don’t have too many friends; just a few good guys from my school days .He smiled and continued, I don’t have any girl friend, neither past nor now.
Is that what your question intended to know?”
This words startled me and made me to think, (he is not so dumb)
With grinning face I replied,
“Okay, I do like to hear about your past life at least for the sake of curiosity .Nothing else, don’t mind…...
“We girls are little practical you know…..”
He raised his eyebrows and said,
“Yup, girls are so much practical that as a result sometimes they backstage themselves even after an option to have good boys” he chuckled.
“What? Excuse me!!”
“Nothing, I just remembered my friends dialogue” (He raised his voice with firmness)
He started to brief about his future plans, interest, dream, expectations etc  etc…
All his words were precise and perfect. No wonder why he was TL convincing his costumers and team mates.
“Hmmm, not bad as I thought before” (I said to myself)
Meanwhile my cell phone started to sing…Dad’s number flashed on the screen, disconnected it.
Taking that as an opportunity, I said..
“Well it was nice meeting you, I will be late, It is already 6:40”.
He looked into my eyes and replied,
“Okay, I liked you, take your time and let me know your opinion”
I dint know what to say, I just widened my lips and got up from the chair,
He stood up and said,
”My wife whomever it might be, she can expect lots of love from me” (Oh! What a dialogue, I dint expect this words from him)
This forced me to smile towards him and also triggered within.
He again greeted me with handshake, took his purse and kept some notes on the bill.
I walked away towards the door and dialed my cell phone.
My father was excited and asked about him,
I said, give me some time Dad.
I think my mom snatched the mobile from my father’s hand and put back the same question..
I shouted” mom” (at least dragging that word “mom” for 4 seconds)
She dint listen to me, started to enquire too much. Slowly she lowered her voice and said,
“Take your time shilpa; anyhow you have to meet another guy tomorrow.
A MBA guy.
Well settled and highly educated more than you”.
I shouted” What”?
She ignored my loud shout, “Let me know after you meet the next option.”
(OH). I said “Okay”
                                                        To be continued………


  1. Simply superb Veeru :-) can i cal u so ? :-) :-)

  2. @Prashasti : By all means :)Thats how my friends call ;)

  3. Wonderful dialogue! I just wonder how u manage to fit into a girl's shoes so well. I think u might have been a girl in ur past life.

  4. @Anonymous :LOL Thanks :)

    ------- It is just that ability to understand any one is been gifted impartially :)

  5. Nice narration, but incomplete!!! Super really super

    1. Thanks Jyoti :) Intentionally I have stopped here after part-3.
      I din't want to put an end to my character. Intention was only to bring up the thinking at that phase that's it.If I write something as the end then it may not be correct for all, so left to readers to make their own complete story :)