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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

At The Junction Part-3

Stop kidding. I am serious.

Should I call the ambulance? (rohini giggled)

No need to bounce my past. Crushes are just to be cherished, I can’t garland it!!
 You know that well. How will I withstand the whirlwind for courtship?

(Rohini looked at me with compassion and said) I understand you dear.
Sometimes our mind will be tossed high and manages to roll in favor of parents or society.
Not a special thing when the cast is different.

(I became little emotional) True. It’s okay to dream but highly impossible to associate with it. We think something and act in opposite way.
Mind feels and logic acts!! That is why none can understand girls!
There are exceptions, some may end up as lucky but very rare.
All we get is something which we never thought,or in other way to look at it we will never get what we want.  

(tears slowly rolled down from my eyes as my mind fluttered past  back to the dark side. Rohini hugged me, trying to change my mood she said)

“Aasu onko bachake rako, shaadi ke baad kaam aa sakti hai!!  Are you planning to empty all your tears now?”


Her sense of humor made me to smile. Laughter busted instantly from both of us. She continued,

So what’s now? I don’t want to use that punch line “Move on” as we say that to boys, still forget it dear.
“All the hearts have corners”!
Let us come to the point, Siddharth   or Samarth?

I am confused. Siddharth is more lovely where as Samarth is more intelligent. Sidharth is handsome, Samarth is smart. To be more practical Samarth is a rich guy and more than capable to hold a family. Sidharth may be equally capable to make a family but his status doesn’t sound as good as Samarth, still Sidharth behavior is far better than Samarth.

What to do?

Rohini gazed my confused eye and kept mum.
I was expecting her to talk…..
Talk something re…. (I dragged my voice)

Ask yourself dear. You are the one to leap forward. Both are good in their own ways. Lovely words won’t full fill all our desire, on other hand money mind won’t nourish blooming love!
Life is all about how intelligently we will compromise to unfold the unknown future. Both the options are good.

(I was puzzled) I don’t have option to marry both, or it is not like 1 buy 1 free….
(We both laughed again and I continued speaking to her)
I think I am still preparing for this……May be not mature enough to take decision.
I fear Rohini, don’t know why?

Pehli baar shaadi kar rahi ho na… Isliye fear… correct dear? (she chuckled)

Stop kidding. It is already 11:30 Pm. I am tired. Shall I sleep?
She smiled at me and jumped on her bed.I kept my cell on the table placed at the corner for charging.
I was still thinking with no conclusion. Rohini was about to sleep, I just asked her like a child,
How nice it would be if my past crush is the same choice of my parents!!

She shouted and rattled at me saying stop dreaming.
It will never happen. Understand the fact and take wise decision.
NOW ALLOW ME TO SLEEP, whole night is there to think.

 I knew that she was not willing to comment further. It is good to take decision on by own rather going with other’s opinion. Slumber was driving me into the bed, meanwhile suddenly my mobile beeped with a text message. We saw each other’s face surprisingly…..Both were lazy to get up from the bed to see whose message it was! Still, each one had there own hero in their mind. I thought it may be him, and she thought it can be someone else.
It is as similar as tossing a coin when we don’t know what to do. It will show one of the faces for sure; meanwhile when it is on air we will understand what we are expecting!

Each one of us have their own interest and we will be correct in our own ways.
Life is all about how intelligently we will compromise to unfold the unknown future.

As usual before ending the day, I took my iPod which was lying on my bed and played my favorite track.
Posted all my concerns and worries in to my future and started to dream peacefully.

Whereas iPod was singing

“Sajnaaa.. aa bhi jaaa, sajnaaa aa a bhi jaaa, Nahi lagta tere bina dil mera!!....” J



  1. Interesting research on a young gal's dilemma in crucial stage of life!!!Flow of thought is appreciable.

  2. Hey thanks:) Though can't understand completely, it was just a try....

  3. Nice one....:) Expressed in a very simple way...:)

  4. nice one.. after a long gap, am coming to ur blog.. sorry 4 the late late reply.. Enjoyed reading the post.. good work in understanding the mind of a girl and bringing it as a story :-)

  5. Thank you kavya :)

    @Prashasti: :) It is just an imagination based on some people's thought .Thanks